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Small Spaces-Eccentric Products of Creativity
The air of careful wonder is such that, were she not a Bon Mot Vivant,you could imagine Oscar Lucinda Wenzel building doll houses.
Included Artists: Oscar Lucinda Wenzel
Dreaming of a White.....
Christmas is the most joyous season of the year for Tasha and her family. For months they have been carving wooden toys and shaping metal into tiny Welsh Corgis wearing wee red stocking caps, as well as weaving clothes for the miniature mouse family rocking in the wooden cradle.
Forbidden Territory
In the long back room of the house known as the winter kitchen, stands the settle and behind it is the Christmas Chest. Into this chest, the year 'round, go the presents and surprises hidden until that glorious morn. Certain drawers and closets are forbidden territory!
Chores for Seth
Seth plans the marionette show, makes the puppets and their costumes, plans and makes special gifts for the doll family, and bakes candies, candles, cakes and cookies.
Insuring Happpiness
Bethany Anne insures a Happy Holiday for all the farm animals by tossing homemade cookies into their freshly scattered hay.
Resting Becomes Him
Weary from Christmas merry-making, Father Tasha rests upon his downy bed, dreaming of cornucopias filled with the delights of this special season.
The Dream Ends......
After we sing carols around the melodeon, and then, before bed, the old Canton china soup tureen is brought out and from it each member of the family draws a name to see who will await the arrival of Old Kris Kingle on this long and snowy night.....
Papered Dreams
Walled by memories.....
Misplaced Dreams
Discarded, but not forgotten....
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