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ChraXto - Red Rodies
RED RODIES consisted of 4,200 square meters of red vinyl cloth covering 3,580 square meters of two life-size rubber Rodies.
The Installation began on Monday, August 1, 2005, and was completed on Wednesday, August 3, employing 37 workers, including 2 carpenters and 3 seamstresses.
The fabric was secured by 7,646 steel spikes driven through brass grommets, and by staples applied to the wooden edges of the platform surround.
Sponsored by The Nannie-Ruth Gallery, the Red Rodies Installation was exhibited in the Lars Hinkle Memorial Gardens at the University de Axt.
Included Artists: Dr. Jean ChraXto
Red Rodies
Toner print, with twist, vinyl,ink,tape. Edition: 5 copies (+2 A.P.) Size: 20 x 33 in. Paper: 32 lb. wt. $100.
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