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Betsy Jumbo creates Intimates of Mortality, Ornamental Apparel for the After-Life - For You and Those You Loved.
Included Artists: Betsy Jumbo
Velvet Cape - Back
Black velvet shoulder cape. Embroidered in rich hues of cotton twist. Fully lined in black satin. cja 537a
Velvet Shroud - Front Panel
Black velvet 3/4 length shroud. A work-in-progress. Embroidered designs in pinks, reds, and blue twist. cja 3557
Velvet Shroud - Back
Black velvet 3/4 length shroud with embroidered design in pinks, reds, blues and yellow. cja 3557
The Red Shroud - A Work-in-Progress.
Day 3,461. Velvet, with pink, white and blue twist. sfw. 5878.
The Black Shroud, worn by the artist.
Black velvet, embroidered with multi-hued twist. sfw. 73175.
The Black Shroud
A Work-in-Progress. sfw.71073.
The Black Shroud - A Work-in-Progress
Black velvet - back view. sfw.71073.
The Black Shroud - A Work-in-Progress
Varigated embroidery floss on black velvet - front view. sfw.71073.
The Red Shroud - A Work-in-Progress.
Pink, white, and blue twist, on red velvet. sfw.5878.
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